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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Southeast Iowa

Holding Negligent Nursing Home Staff Accountable

When you place your loved one into a nursing home, the decision is not made lightly. However, you expect that the staff and doctors will provide excellent care and never abuse or neglect your loved one. If you suspect that your loved one is not getting the care they deserve, you may have grounds for a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms and is not limited to physical abuse. It can also take place in the form of neglect or even emotional abuse. Our nursing home abuse attorney represents cases throughout southeast Iowa, including Burlington, Fairfield, Washington, Ottumwa, and Mt. Pleasant.

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Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

In some cases, your loved one may be able to tell you outright that they are being abused. However, many cases of nursing home abuse go unreported because the elderly individual cannot or will not speak out about what is happening. For example, perhaps they are being overmedicated to the point that they are having trouble speaking or they have been diagnosed with dementia and do not realize what is happening.

Certain signs of nursing home abuse are obvious, while others are less obvious. A few examples are:

  • Unexplained sprains, bruises, or fractures
  • Changes in behavior, such as depression
  • Lack of personal hygiene or dirty bedding
  • Signs of malnutrition or hunger
  • Arguments between nursing staff and the resident
  • Unsanitary or dangerous living conditions
  • Under or overmedication

If It Happened To Your Loved One, It Could Happen to Someone Else

If your parent or elderly loved one was wronged, we are here to make it right. We take great pride in our ability to provide our clients with attentive, compassionate representation as we thoroughly investigate your case. When you have entrusted a nursing home facility to care for your loved one and they have acted negligently or caused intentional harm, they should be held accountable. Whether you already have proof of nursing home abuse or you simply suspect your loved one is being abused, we are here to help.

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