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Criminal Defense Attorney
in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Protecting the Rights of The Accused

Law enforcement expects that individuals and groups will not only be aware of every law which presides over them but that you will follow them at all times. If you are arrested, you could quickly find yourself in a difficult legal situation without ever realizing that you have done something wrong. At Cornell Injury Law, we offer dedicated legal support and representation to individuals like yourself who have been accused of or been arrested for a wide range of crimes.

To set up a free legal consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in southeast Iowa, call our firm.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The purpose of criminal law is to regulate the behavior of individuals, ensuring that they all follow the same laws or social norms. Unfortunately, criminal law is not a science and the different members of law enforcement and other organizations can make mistakes. You could be falsely accused of a crime or there could even be a case of mistaken identity. Whatever the circumstances, we are here to ensure you have the right to a fair trial.

We offer defense against a number of crimes, such as:


  • Drug crimes

  • Theft and larceny

  • Sex crimes

  • White-collar crimes

  • Probation offenses

  • Weapons charges

  • Violent crimes

I will fight for your justice and freedom.

Advocating for Your Future & Freedom

After you have been charged with a crime or arrested, you can quickly start to feel overwhelmed. Law enforcement may try to pressure you to answer questions or guilt you into confessing. It is essential that you ask to speak with your southeast Iowa criminal defense attorney who can advocate for you and ensure your rights are not being violated. Criminal law is extremely complex and having a seasoned professional on your side can only benefit your case.

Please give us a call today to set up a free case evaluation. We represent clients throughout southeast Iowa, including Burlington, Fairfield, Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Ottumwa, and surrounding areas.